FileHamster Testimonials

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that FileHamster very possibly saved my job - only half a day after I'd installed it!

I installed it this morning, continued on my current work, and somehow managed to delete and corrupt over three months worth of work by a mashed keystroke. Hamster had me running again within 2 minutes, and I only lost less than 5 minutes of work.

And to think I had been having nightmares about not having any sort of CVS, and only having nightly backups - which is what prompted me to find your product anyway."

Bloody brilliant - continue the great work!
Mark Henderson

"First thank you for a wonderful application, it is brilliant. I have FileHamster for few days and really love it. I wish I had known about it before. You really did a splendid work. Thanks and all the best for you."


"I have just purchased a copy of FileHamster+ and the Scripting plugin to evaluate it for a larger 3d movie production pipeline. I am very happy with FileHamster's approach to version control. Combined with the scripting plugin, FileHamster just fits perfectly."

"Thanks and greetings from Hamburg,"


"I want to say first that: I *love* FileHamster, what it does and how it works. I have just registered the Plus version. I have spent the last whole month trying various backup/sync software to replace or complement a more generic backup app I'm using. I've gone as far as trying out apps that sell for over $100, but only FH is and does what I need. FH is really fantastic and I want it to get even better! I also admire the support you are providing here in the forum, not only in response to my questions, but to everyone else's. (To compare, I filed a support ticket a month ago for one of those "enterprisey" applications and still have not heard back.) I'm happy I'm a user of FileHamster."

"Very best regards, and thank you!"


"...I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for FH. There aren't that many programs that I just couldn't do without but FH is one of them. It does what it says on the tin, quietly, efficiently and, most important, reliably...Kudos."


"Love the application ... thanks for making such a great utility! Switched over from Verjet which has less features and is much less configurable and haven't looked back since."


"...I love your product!"

Sander Raaymakers

"Great program. Has saved my bacon several times in the last month already."


"Thanks for getting our feature requests in, that's awesome...We love it when our opinions are heard! ...we plan on having all our group use FileHamster."

Shom Bandopadhaya
Lead Engineer
Belcan Engineering Group, Inc.

"I've been using FileHamster for quite a while, and I absolutely love it!"

Jovan Mostanovski

"Yesterday someone overwrote an important spreadsheet and it took them most of a day to build it back up again! FileHamster does exactly what we need it to do...Users will never need to even think about keeping backups, brilliant!"

Lance Keay

"I've been told about your wonderful versioning tool and I've decided to try it. I've found it really wonderful ... I'll propose it to every person I think will need it (I have many friends working with Microsoft Word, being translators or lawyers).


"I just wanted to pass your team a note so you'd know how much I love your FileHamster software. It's been a fantastic help to me in my freelance work- it's totally reliable, and so simple as to be transparent. I own several of the plugins as well, and their quality is just as high. It really does give me significant peace of mind knowing my work is versioned, backed up to another hard drive, and uploaded each night to off-site storage. Plus, you were kind enough to offer it all at fantastic prices that even I could afford.

Hopefully I don't need it anytime soon, but it's been great knowing your software is there!"

Thanks again;

"...Fantastic app!"


"I think FileHamster is a great product..."

David Gee
Paper Contracts Ltd

"This software is amazing."

Dan Hayman

"I've been using FileHamster for work for almost a year and it has saved me many, many times and it's so easy to use. Thanks very much!"


"I have come to enjoy the product very much. I do C++ program development and FileHamster allows me to go back to almost any point. This is handy especially when I go off on a bad coding tangent!"

Eric Beals

"Thanks again for such helpful and prompt feedback..."

John Stellberg

"I love FileHamster. Thanks for your support. You are doing a great job."

Jess Harpur

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