Who are we?

Mogware was founded over five years ago with a vision of simplifying a user's workflow. We believe no one should ever have to repeat monotonous, mindless or mundane steps in their daily responsibilities because those kinds of situations promote human error.

Why did we create FileHamster?

Approximately 3 years ago, the company decided to create a tool for improving the workflow habits of content creators who often work on documents for hours before realizing they needed or wanted to go back to an earlier draft. In order to preserve their history of changes, they would resort to creating multiple copies of their files as they worked. At the end of the day, they would be faced with a daunting list of files that made it difficult to determine which versions of the same document were important. FileHamster was originally created to solve this very problem.

Why name it FileHamster?

As some of you already know, programmers love acronyms. We were originally going to call it Mogware PRC (Personal Revision Control); exciting huh? During a company meeting one late autumn day, out of spite, an employee stated he liked FileGerbil; it was almost immediately after that the name FileHamster sprang to life. We all loved the name because this tool was always going to be working to protect a user's documents; like a little hamster always running in its wheel. Oh, and the cute little cheek pouches helped too!

What has FileHamster become?

Since its original inception, FileHamster has become a well known and beloved tool to hundreds of thousands of users all over the world. With the steady flow of new features and functionality, FileHamster has become the perfect companion; a workflow tool that will eventually save the day for each and every one of its users.


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